Reversible masks

Comfortable to wear

Each face mask is unique!

Washable at 60°C

Reversible masks

Our story

Berlin Mask Parade is the story of two Berlin costume designers who now make face mask couture: Kerstin Micheel and Birgit Neppl.

The story started when these two experienced costume designers suddenly saw all their assignments for theatre productions cease because of the corona virus.

At the same time in Berlin at the start of the lockdown in March, it became difficult to get hold of face masks. When friends and family started asking for masks, Kerstin and Birgit enthusiastically started producing non-medical face masks. For this they used their huge stock of special fabrics from all over the world. And they put their expertise to good use: Kerstin specialises in making historical costumes and Birgit in making costumes that allow acrobatic tours and quick clothing changes.

Thanks to their years of experience as costume designers, they make masks with an artistic Schwung (‘twist’): face mask couture. All their masks are unique. No one wears the same face mask! This is partly a necessity – fabrics cannot be reordered – but especially Kerstin and Birgit don’t feel like making the same face masks all the time. Kerstin and Birgit are convinced that ‘if face masks have to be worn, they have to be fun, comfortable and unique’. Everyone has a unique face. Now that you sometimes have to cover this up, at least you can do this with a unique and individual face mask!

Masks by Berlin Mask Parade – Face Mask Couture are made in Berlin, in a quirky style, with creativity and craftsmanship. As professional costume designers they understand users’ different needs. They have created the following product ranges:

Face Mask Couture:

Reversible, two-layered unique face masks. Whether you take the train to work, go to a party or just want a cool mask to go with your outfit, there is a design to suit everyone’s taste and needs. Available in three sizes:

  • Regular Size (M), suitable for most people;;
  • Size XL for people with a beard or bigger head;;
  • Size S for children or people with a small head.

Face Mask Couture Specials:

Glamour masks for special occasions. Think of face masks made of metallic fabric, with glitter or ‘diamonds’. Also designs where applications and other embellishments are used, as a fashion statement in daily life.

Face Mask Couture Extra Comfort:

Masks specially designed for spectacle wearers and people who want extra comfort around the mouth. Due to an extra seam and jersey lining, the top fits better on the nose and cheeks.

The advantages:

  • (sun)glasses fog up less;
  • retains its shape: no metal band required (that might bulge or get lost in the wash);;
  • the extra seam provides more space for the mouth, making it easier to breathe and talk.

Couture Mask Bags:

A small and specially designed bag to keep your mask safe and clean before or after use. Thanks to a carabiner, you can easily attach the bag to your trousers or bag.